Agency Support

Certainty Financial Assurance, Inc. will provide all the support your agency force needs. CFA will set up all the agent/agency information in the administrative system per your specifications. We will also maintain agent and agency records for commission rates and hierarchies and process changes as you request them. CFA will pay commission to agents via ACH or check, advanced and earned, on a daily, weekly, bi-monthly, and/or monthly basis; whatever meets your needs. CFA provides secure web access to your agency force so they can stay up to the minute on the status of their policies and commission records. CFA's knowledgeable staff will be happy to provide telephone support to your agency force whenever needed.

Product Information/Compensation

CFA will enter all licensing and contract data by agent on the Abundant Dynamics (AD) Administrative System, and will process and pay commissions periodically per our client's requirements:
  1. Advance commission payments on issued policies will be prepared per our client's requirements
  2. Commission statements will be prepared per our client's requirements
  3. Earned commission payments will be paid per our client's requirements

Annually, CFA will prepare and mail to agents a 1099 report on annual earnings, as well as, report earnings to our clients for filing with the IRS or CFA will file directly to the IRS. Commission, advance, deferred commissions, and summaries are available on the web via ASM. Information will be available via ASM to managing agents providing information for all sub-agents which will aid in each offices supports role, and will be available to all agents and levels per pre-defined requirements.


Advance Commissions

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Debit Monitoring and Recovery

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